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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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McMaster University - Hamilton ON CA (2003 - 2007)
Nipissing University - North Bay ON CA (2008 - 2009)
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anchorman, arrested development, baseball, being a nerd, boston red sox, broadway, buster bluth, canada, chuck bass, clay aiken, conan o'brien, country music, dane cook, drunk jay fans, europe, facebook, family, family guy, flight of the conchords, friday night lights, george michael bluth, glee, gobius industries, god, gossip girl, gregory house, grey's anatomy, history, i can has cheezburger?, idol, imogen heap, jesus christ, john mayer, laziness, logan/veronica, matchbox twenty, materialism, mcdreamy, mcmaster, music, new york city, obligatory psychotic jackasses, paris, porkchop sandwiches, procrastination, pushing daisies, reading, sarah mclaughlan, scrubs, shopping, singing, skydome, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, spiderpig, stewart gilligan griffin, summer, the simpsons, toronto blue jays, travel, tv, ugly betty, vernon wells, veronica mars, wally lamb, whose line, wicked, will ferrell, zach braff, █♥█,



formally known as perpetualdweeb

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